“My instinct was, let’s create a place where we can play the music that we love, and we can give the people a chance to see if they like this music by experiencing it. Because, guess what? In many places in the World, this is the music that makes their heart beat. So, why can’t it be here?”

-Elio Sottoscritti

“It’s anthropological, it’s cool,  it’s fresh. So many beautiful people!”

-Romolo (Brussels)

“It went beyond Tucson to examine a solid portrayal of underground. It gets toward how the heart of culture/community are built in today’s cities.”

– Sean Paul (Arcosanti)

“Delightfully insightful about the music scene I knew little about!”

– Bryan (DreamWorks)


A TECHNO TRAGEDY follows the underground Electronic Music scene from 2016-2018 after one party sparked a new movement. Each local helps shed light on the beauty and struggle of a DIY scene in a small University city, like Tucson, that is seeing new investment.

The People

Whether they have been in Tucson 2 years, or 20, they all have something to say about how things work here.


The Venues

There have been many local venues utilized for shows. See the map for those that were closed.

The Filmmaker

Ty Besh

Ty Besh is a Michigan Native who has extensively traveled the USA, European Union, and Asia in search of wholesome stories and experiences. He called Tucson home base 2016 – 2021 while helping cultivate a small group of local creatives. His recent Film credits include “The Wall” by Philippe Van Leeuw & “Watson” by Lesley Chilcott.


As “Tucson Electro”:

February 4, 2021 Thunder Canyon Private Screening Tucson, AZ

April 3, 2021 Pleasure World Gallery Private Screening Tucson, AZ

May 29th, 2021 Movement Festival Feature w/ Cinema Lamont Detroit, MI 

September 24, 2021 Hollywood First-Time Filmmaker Los Angeles, CA

September 25, 2021 Arizona Underground Film Festival Tucson, AZ