Before purchasing the Sony A7S I came across many videos like this. As you could imagine, I didn’t walk, but I ran to buy this thing. Then came the onslaught of getting the proper materials to actually be able to shoot with the dang thing (semi-RED situation). I won’t go into that, but will explain that process in another post.

Once I was equipped to shoot for a few hours, I knew what had to be done first-the high ISO test.

My brother had found a very interesting piece of land behind our neighborhood, one I knew I had to see again with a camera. And what better opportunity than with the A7S! Getting up at 4am to prepare, I made it over to the wooded entrance by 4:30am. Sunrise for June in Southeastern Michigan is 6am, according to Kodak Cinema Tools, so I knew I’d have an hour and a half to get the footage I wanted before comparing it to the stuff with sunlight.

Here’s what I used:

Sony A7S

Stock battery (lasts a little over an hour)

Metabones adapter

Canon 16-35mm 2.8 L

What I learned:

Yes, this camera is mind-blowing (compared to the 5DIII I had, well, no comparison)

Metabones seems to have some light leak issues (which I can now assume the video would be much cleaner if I used a Sony lens with no adapter-untested theory)

I wish I had rented the lens I am currently using while writing this (Canon CN-E 35mm T1.5)

Private Property is the best place to explore (bring your camera)

Sony’s focus peaking is a God-send, but an EVF is something I now strongly am considering for even every-day use (tiny screen)