There’s not much to this post, except for a major wakeup call. I was held at the UK border patrol for merely one reason-I don’t have any plans.

Like at all.

And I’m over here all like, “look at me and my wanderlust, I’m so cool bein’ all like ‘where will I go next?!’ I’m super crazy but also super sexy.”

Here’s the thing. Border patrol doesn’t take too well to that. I was at the counter arguing with the agent for a good 15 minutes. If any of you have gone through customs in an airport, that shit takes 2 minutes tops.

I didn’t break a sweat though (emojis would be nice here).

That’s a total lie, but luckily I don’t have pale skin so the blood that was now settling in my face couldn’t be seen. She (the agent) made a really good point. Her one job is to make sure people are coming to be tourists and not there to get around things like work visas, etc. And to her, I was that guy. I’m this dude with a camera hanging to my right, bragging about being a video journalist guy, talking about traveling to all these countries for a personal project


No flights to places, no Euro Rail passes, no hostels booked, NO NOTHING IDIOT TYLER.

All I could say was, “that’s fair.” Seriously? That’s fair?! I have issues I need to figure out how to call internationally to Dr. Feinstein about before I sabotage my…life?

Either way, luckily I had an argument ready on deck since I spent 7 hours on a plane defending my idea to this lovely British girl (not from Leeds) seated to my right. My neck still hurts.

Moral of the story people, line your shit up or have a damn good reason why you haven’t yet. And for God’s sake don’t give them a reason to believe you’re there to work.