Following the resurgence of underground shows

and their founders | 2016 – 2018




I had just returned to Tucson from Europe and wasted no time getting right back into things. I met Jeff Weber over at Creative Tucson and saw how huge of a creative opportunity the newly formed organization was. Turns out, Brink Media had just won the bid to Public Access and contractually had to provide content for the channel, doing so by engaging with the community (gear rental program). I was one of few that went to the first meeting and immediately began shooting. In my EU travels I had access to a beautiful Techno/House music scene no matter what country I was in. Looking for anything like it in Tucson produced very little results. By little I mean, one, Deep House Yoga! Love the idea but not my style. It wasn’t until a week later that I came across Dazed and Confused on Instagram. I set up a meeting with them to approve a profile piece on their movement and met Ashley & Elio at Playground Bar October, 2016.


Filmmaker, Ty Besh, spent over a year capturing live events & interviews while working a day job.

People have forgotten how to tell a story. Stories don’t have a middle or an end any more. They usually have a beginning that never stops beginning.

  • Steven Spielberg

The Issue With Being A Storyteller

It didn’t take much for me to see there was something special about these people and this moment in time. If you were in the scene you could smell it, you could feel it. Something was happening that none of us had seen before. Not in this town. So, what was supposed to be a 10 minute profile piece became a, “I’ll follow this for a little and see what happens.” Specifically because I had missed the impetus that was The Bakery party. I heard whispers about this underground rave they threw in an abandoned building downtown. Something about convincing the owner it was for a music video. So for me, as is the issue with being a storyteller, the story had just begun and there was no way I was about to phone it in. Where it would go is what I wanted to see. I’d say that decision came after the second party I recorded in November, 2016.

Tucson is a tight little community to begin with, especially when you’re talking about the arts/music scene downtown. There’s a High School clique vibe to it, no doubt. The Dazed crew, along with Creative Tucson, became my way in – the way people were able to trust me with their stories. It would be another 16 months until I would see the “natural” stopping point to my documentary. Along the way I could see the “bubbling” that is often referred to which lead me to start capturing the full electronic wave coming through downtown. This included new players and parties and people who had been doing it long before Dazed. Every interview was captured in 2017 which put what they were saying right in the middle of the action, paired with high hopes for the future.

3 Year Delivery

The “natural” stopping point seemed to be the perfect timing because, by February 2018, it was time for me to head west and work on some film sets (aka make actual dollars). I threw a little going away party at the soon-to-be Luxury Apartment building formerly Monsoon Collective art space. A bunch of local DJ and producer friends played and I had the documentary footage projected behind them as a little teaser, knowing full well it would be awhile until I released something. As life goes, I got on a big TV show and then traveled Asia for 7 months, so this thing got buried with the rest of my passion projects.

It wasn’t until 2020 during the pandemic lock down that I had a chance to sit with everything again and make something of it. I basically spent the entire year piecing it together and exported the first copy January of 2021. While I type this I have a small local showing planned for the people in the film and a plus one. COVID is running rampant, as expected, in Arizona so theater release is not an option until 2022 in my opinion. I will try to snag a few more outdoor screenings in the next few months and then figure out online streaming, which will include some content not included in the documentary as a bonus.