The Late Life Archive

An Arizona initiative to visually preserve elder stories

for future generations


How COVID-19

was a wake-up call

for story preservation

Not only was this initiative put on hold during the pandemic, but how many people were lost? How many stories went untold?

I want one Ty!

I’m glad you’re on board with the idea, that’s the first step. We need more people like you! ‘Cause let’s be honest, how many elders are vain enough to go, “my stories are awesome, I need to record them for my family.” Not many, right? They need to be vain, they need to be YouTube influencer-minded, there’s no shame! But that’s not how this goes.

So! Below is a bunch of information of how important it is, some science stuff, some TED Talk stuff (a must include) and different “packages” I offer.


Yes, I’ve put all my time and money into this idea for years now and lost most of that during the pandemic but I also get we’re all in different spots financially right now. So, let’s chat.

The “Packages”

Standard stuff, always up for creative ideas!

Audio Only

Podcast-type setup

1 hour time limit

Prepared questions only

Digital delivery

Additional time available


Professional audio+video setup

2 hour limit

Prepared + candid questions

Digital delivery

Additional time available


Spotlighting their skill/hobby

4 hour limit

Interview + action footage

Digital delivery

Additional time available

Psychological Benefits

…to retelling family stories. Check out this great article about the importance of family storytelling.

What Kids Learn

Reading to children has education benefits, of course—but so does sharing tales from the past.

Stories That Bind Us

Families may want to create a mission statement similar to the ones many companies use to identify their core values.

TED Talk

As promised

Profile Video

An example of what we can do with the profile video concept

Don Farmer | Tucson, AZ 2017


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