I can’t believe it, but it’s been ten months since I’ve sat someone down, having myself prepared, for a video interview. Part of this is because of run-n-gun projects recently and the other part is having to pay the bills-shooting things like weddings, mitzvahs, and doing PA work for production companies.

So when a filmmaker friend of mine, Ryan, hit me up about BTS for his student film at Columbia of Chicago I was first excited which was immediately followed by horror. Had it been that long?

In college I would interview roughly 20 people a week. I’d churn out three to five videos for the student-run newspaper. Basically, I had it down to a science. Yes, I slept in the newsroom more times than not, but that just makes me sound like a bad ass so I don’t care.

So how the hell did I get to the point where I was sitting in my room, wondering what it takes to properly shoot an interview?

The answer is for another post, but suffice it to say it was time for a good ol’ refresher. I thought it best to verbalize it ans share it with everybody, and by everybody I mean the three people that will see this post in the next 15 years.

Life man.

I’ll post about the BTS experience and post process individually when each is all said and done.

Thanks for stoppin’ by!