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Storyteller | Improv Dancer


Good, that's the idea


This project calls for a release of boundaries. During this video interview (3-5 minutes) you will be asked to reveal something very important to you. There is no timeline constraint to this, it could have occurred as a child or last week.

It needs to be real and honest.

The premise of this project is to reveal to others something you normally do not. I have come to see a comfort, release in my interviews. It can act as a therapy to some, even me. In my travels, I became very honest with people, people I knew for less than a month typically. This honesty gave me a freedom. The things I shared were only things my closest friends knew, sometimes no one knew.

It is time for honesty, because through our honesty comes self-deliverance but more importantly, help. A story, an idea you have, a decision you have made can help someone listening on the other side. Keeping the things most influential to your life, whether bad or good, inside and for few ears is something I strive to alleviate. A “comfort zone” only exists because of judgment. Why can’ you tell a stranger on the train your deepest regret? Forget judgment.


What if the story you shared with them was exactly what they needed to hear?

You might still be wondering, but why me? Why a dancer? What does dance have to do with this at all?

Your voice

Dance has been your voice. You confront an idea or an emotion through physical movement, which I have nothing against. I have cried watching many dance pieces, whether they cover a relationship or death. The only problem I see with this situation is, most of the time, you are dancing someone else’s choreography, someone else’s idea and story. What about yours?

Of course, you have personal projects. Of course, one day, you can always make your own piece. But this simplifies everything. It is you, and your story.

It’s simply using your words. I say simply, I know. We could move before we could talk, don’t worry I appreciate that.

But here’s the thing, everyone can understand your words, and the words are yours. Every single one you use to construct the sentence, the story, is yours.

If you choose to accept being a part of this project, I ask you to think deeply on what you’d like to share. This needs to be something that has changed your life, something you will always remember. You know what this things is, we all do.

Once your story has been recorded, it will be shown to a dancer in Tucson. The dancer and I will construct a theory from your story-what the emotion of it is, etc. After we have done this, a friend of mine in Brussels will write a score for it. That song will be played for the dancer while he or she improvises with all of the constructed theories in mind.

These stories and dances will be projected in an exhibit here in Tucson (location tbd).

This is merely an introduction that scratches the surface of the idea and delivery of the project. For more information give me a shout I’d love to tell you all about it.

Example story from ASU dancer, Gina, in Tempe, AZ

If we don’t have any mutual Facebook friends, hit me up here!

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