Some people still can’t believe I’m leaving the country. I’ve said I wanted to run away from America for years now. But, I’m actually doing it and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little freaked out about traveling alone in Europe for four and a half months. That’s not what this first post is about, believe it or not. I’m not gonna talk about “taking the plunge,” selling most of my gear, giving up on being a part of the whole “revival” in Detroit, and especially not about the many reasons that lead me to actually get out of here.

This is about timing, something life is all about-the right or wrong timing.

Two months ago I texted an old Journalist friend from Michigan. It had been awhile since I found freelance video work and was a tiny bit concerned for myself. Bills had to be paid so I considered finding a more stable job since the freelance thing wasn’t going well. Jessica works for People Magazine in New York so I assumed she was pretty well connected in the storytelling industry. She responded with a link.

Time Inc, parent company to People, was hiring a freelancer for video. Turns out People was finally ready to up their video presence, hoping to get content with most major written stories. Jessica pointed out how pretty much perfect I was for this position because that’s exactly what I did while working with her at CM Life News and continued to do at The Daily Wildcat in Arizona. I was a frickin’ machine man, worked about 70 hours a week and never said no to any assignment, typically finding my own because there wasn’t enough in my opinion.

So I applied.

A week later I sent the woman hiring a follow-up email. I was surprised to get a same-day-response basically saying, “thank you so much for following up, we will definitely be in touch soon.” That felt pretty good, doesn’t happen very often, she must have liked my dad jokes in the first email I convinced myself were okay since, after some research, I found out she was a comedian on the side.

Fast forward. A month goes by with no sign from Time Inc. At this point I gave myself a deadline for writing this whole thing off and booking my flight to Europe-the end of the first week of January. If I didn’t hear anything by then, I was outy.

The first week of the new year rolls by, no response. What a great way to start 2016-being told I suck too much for People Magazine.

I wait until January 6th to be exact and I pull the trigger. I book my fight from Toronto to Dublin and write off the whole thing all-together. A few days later I’m sitting with my friends, who travel Europe yearly, planning out all the crazy stuff I can see with all of this time.

I get an email from her. I semi freak out.

She apologizes for taking so long but would love to bring me in for an interview.

Are you kidding me?!

I tell her she’s days too late and I’ve decided to pursue a project I’ve wanted to for some time now. She wishes me good luck.

The only question I have is, would I have heard from her if I hadn’t booked a flight to Europe?

Probably not.

Stick with your gut, do what is best for you, and don’t worry about the “what-ifs” they’re as dangerous as your imagination.