GVG | Kaleidoscope

Music Festival Installation

Back in 2018, I was rolling through Tucson before heading out to Louisville for Top Chef. Just so happened that the same week was GoodVibeGetdown, a festival a few friends would run together. I didn’t want to do another recap video because I made one of those the year prior, on steroids, that would pretty much cover GVG for lyfe. So I thought I’d do a little art install – something simple and interactive that could be up for a night and gone by morning. Kaleidoscope video came to mind (this was before the lens was released). The setup would be my camera, diy kaleidoscope in front of the lens, people looking into it, and then a screen behind them. This way, I could get cool footage but also project it live for everyone around to see.

I got with the guys at Hartman Glass. They were psyched about the idea and cut 3 slabs to size for me. I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to make of the footage, so it took some time to find the right animator. I got lucky with Sawyer, who took months to think creatively about it and construct something out of admittedly simple video clips.

Below is raw footage examples of the faces and textures my camera saw that night. Lastly, the final cut Sawyer came up with. I seem to find more footage hiding each time I watch it. Worth the wait.

"Flow" | Monsoon Collective

Collaboration w/ Isabelle Diamond

Video projected in room (no sound)

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