Autotelic EU

The idea

I was living in Detroit, no job, nothing lined up, and kinda just like totally so over “it” ya know? The last thing I was going to do was sit on my tooshie in our overly-heated house… SO I came up with my next big idea- Detroit Toile. I would pick someone, someone cool obviously, interview them, tell their story, and then have them refer me to someone they knew with a cool story or skill. The web would build itself. Going to Europe meant building an even bigger “web” so I named my project ToilEU. Then one day in Starbucks I saw a video by Adam Westbrok called, “Painting in the Dark.” It talked about Van Gogh’s creative career (lack-there-of). In it was mentioned a book by the name of, “Flow” by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi where he uses the word, “autotelic.” This word is derived from two Latin words, auto (self) and telic (goal). Inspired by the story and word itself, I changed the name to Autotelic EU! Because, after all, this has always been my goal as a storyteller.

The follow-through

I’m really good at saying I’ll do shit and then actually not doing that thing. I’m also notorious for dropping everything and starting anew somewhere else, so honestly I’m super confusing and in need of a therapist. In the mean time, I wanted to bring this idea to life, for real, so I bought a ticket to Dublin knowing I’d have until the end of June to find my way back to America (can’t miss Electric Forest) and figured out the rest before the wheels left the runway-sorta.


is a place for posts, pics, vids, and updates along my impromptu journey. Pass it along ay? Also, in case of my very-possible death… TELL MY STORY B-)








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